Our concept

Did you know that dogs and cats are carnivores closely related to wolves and lynxes?

Unlike herbivores and ruminants, carnivores have a short, rather acidic digestive system, designed to digest meat and not grains. In truth, grains are included in the diets of dogs and cats due to their low cost. But this can take its toll on your pet, seeing as grains are the main culprits of problems such as obesity and skin allergies.

Naturea follows a Naturally Appropriate line of thinking, creating foods based on what your furry friend really needs. We use no grains, and only include ingredients that have been approved for human consumption. The Naturea diet’s main ingredients are meat or fish, complemented with sweet potatoes, fruits, vegetables, aromatic herbs and seaweed, and are low in carbohydrates.

The physical well being of your dog and cat is proportional to the quality of its diet. By feeding your pet Naturea, you are offering it a balanced, healthy life.