Our footprint

In Naturea we promote the protection of nature and ecosystem.

As an example, our Grain Free range is produced in a factory located in the countryside of England. Surrounded by farmland and adjacent to Douglas river, it uses its water in the manufacturing process, and the same is returned to the river as pure as it was after being treated in their own water treatment plant.
Our range of wet cat food is produced in a cannery in Galicia, northern Spain. The plant uses energy from wind power and runs its own fishing fleet ensuring a sustainable fishing catch in the Northern Atlantic. Naturea follows the Dolphin Safe Program Earth Island Institute.
Our list of care and standards goes beyond the aforementioned examples and make Naturea a responsible brand. The use of only recycled paper in our communication materials, the adoption of ISO standards for procedures for handling or BRC Food Certificate are also some of the numerous procedures that make natural part of our daily routine.